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"Pre, Kamusta?" Kumpareng Nangamusta Para Mangutang, Nag-Viral Online!

When we are in a sticky situation, we depend on our reliable family and friends to help us out. As the saying goes, you will know who your true friends are in times of need. However, there are some people who will knowingly use their 'friend' for their own advantage, and lately, they have become a running gag on social media.
Have you ever been victimized by the modus "Pre, kamusta?" or "Mars, kamusta?" If this message came from people whom you have not talked to for a while, then you might want to dodge it. Because based on many netizens' experience, nothing good can come out of this conversation.
On social media, many people are sharing their experiences about their 'friends' who will only message them when they need something. Among them is this man, who learned his lesson the hard way.

Ikade Abadiano shared his frustrating encounter with a 'friend' on Facebook.  According to Abadiano, it has been a long time since he has talked with his friend, Ray.

One day, out of the blue, Ray messaged him on Facebook. At first, Ikade thought that his dear friend only wanted to check on him, but it soon turned out that Ray had other motives.

Soon enough, Ray started to demand from Abadiano. Even though they have only been talking for a few minutes, Ray requested if he can borrow Php 5000 for the upcoming birthday of his girlfriend. However, Abadiano can only lend him Php 1000 because he's also short in budget.

Yet instead of being grateful for his friend's offer, Ray was enraged. He insulted Abadiano and ended up blocking him on Facebook. Abadiano might lost a 'friend,' but in reality, he just got rid of a toxic person in his life.

Have you also been a victim to this modus operandi? We'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.