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Isang Nurse, Pinukaw Ang Damdamin Ng Netizen Matapos Abandunahin Ng Mga Kakilala Dahil Sa Kanyang Sakit

After being diagnosed with epilepsy, a young woman detailed how she was abandoned by friends and encouraged to reconsider her goals of becoming a nurse.

Sharnee Trotter, 26, has experienced 'fainting episodes' since she was a teenager, but she was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 22 after multiple hospitalizations.

The young Victorian woman, who had studied nursing, had no idea how the seemingly insignificant diagnosis would alter the course of her life forever.

Almost all of Sharnee's relationships changed in an instant.

Many of her friends began to abandon her, initially refusing to invite her to parties and then completely disappearing from her life.

Her family believed that they needed to 'do everything for her,' and in doing so, they unintentionally took away her independence.

Despite outstanding grades at university and in hospital pracs, the prospective nurse was unable to find work.

Sharnee recalls the initial months after her diagnosis as being terribly lonely because everything in her life had been flipped upside down.

The fact that so many of her friends had deserted her was the first setback.

'I have some very good friends left but it was hard when others stopped inviting me to events and they dropped off altogether,' she said.

Alcohol and exhaustion are two major triggers for Sharnee, so late-night events aren't ideal for staying healthy.

'They didn't understand I still wanted to be invited or that I could come but I just wouldn't drink and would head home early,' she said.

When she emphasizes that she is pleased to attend social events without drinking, she still gets "funny looks."

'I can go as long as I plan my days around it and get enough sleep, as long as I get my nine hours,' she said.  

Sharnee's family has finally realized that she is still capable of doing things for herself and has been a "great" support.

Despite being turned down for a number of jobs due to her health, Sharnee has been able to get a work close to home.

'I work with the most amazing team now, and I do shift work but just not night-shift,' she said.

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