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Yen Santos Hiniwalayan Di Umano Ni Paolo Contis Matapos Mabuntis?

It has been exactly seven months when Paolo Contis and Yen Santos first became a trending topic online due to their rumored relationship.

Ever since Paolo Contis parted ways with partner LJ Reyes, he has been spotted hanging out with Yen Santos who has become his rumored girlfriend. From that time, Yen and Paolo became the hot topic not only on social media but also in different entertainment websites and even the showbiz news updates on TV.

However, the netizens are wondering what has happened to them since people are no longer seeing any news updates about them.

Have they parted ways even before they got to admit their relationship?

We can still recall that it was back in August 2021 when LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis called it quits. Their separation created the third party rumors involving Yen Santos who happens to be Paolo Contis' leading lady in his most recent project entitled "A Far Away Land."

The dating rumors about Paolo Contis and Yen Santos grew even bigger after the eagle eyed netizens posted photos of them together despite facing such issues.

The last photos of Paolo and Yen together that became the center of talks online was the one shot from their trip to Boracay on December 2021.

In that same beach trip, people have noticed Yen Santos' weight gain and so people have accused Yen of being pregnant with her first child.

People have really been curious about the state of their relationship and so the talent manager Ogie Diaz has decided to put an end ot the rumors and finally ask the real score between Yen Santos and Paolo Contis.

Ogie Diaz was unable to answer the rumors directly because he doesn't want to get involved with the issue and still hopes to get in touch with Paolo Contis soon to clarify the issue.

It appears that we can only wait until Paolo Contis and Yen Santos are finally ready to speak up and and reveal the real score between them.

Meanwhile, a lot of people are still insisting the pregnancy rumors due to the fact that Yen Santos have stepped away from the limelight ever since the issues about her and Paolo Contis have spread like a wildfire online. The netizens believe that the main reason why she took a break is because of her pregnancy.

As of this writing, both Yen Santos and Paolo Contis are yet to confirm the real store between them. The last time that they were believed to be together was during Yen Santos' birthday where they weren't spotted together in a single photo but their social media updates have shown the same dinner set up and backgrounds.