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Sikat Na Celebrity Masayang Ipinakita Sa Publiko Ang Kanyang 1st Baby

Joyce Pring shared her first child’s delivery experience in her most recent vlog video.

She also talked about her 16- to 17-hour labor experience.

Joyce claimed giving birth was “one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve ever experienced” in a video she released on March 4.

When Joyce gave birth to Baby Liam, she was in her 40th week of pregnancy, according to Joyce.

Joyce claimed that when she went in for her 40th week checkup, her ob gyn saw that she had low amniotic fluid and recommended that she be induced to give delivery.

Joyce stated that all she wanted at that time was for her baby to be healthy and safe.

Joyce claimed she was already at 5 cm and had gotten her epidural, which made her feel better, around 12 a.m.

Joyce claimed that she mysteriously grew 8 to 9 cm dilated from 5 cm in a span of two hours, just as she began to embrace the possibility of giving delivery through c-section.

Joyce estimated that she pushed for 20 to 25 minutes before giving birth to an 8-pound baby boy.

During Joyce’s labor, Joyce’s husband Juancho Trivio also gave his side of the tale in the vlog.

A lot of her fans relate to Joyce’s experience and also shared theirs:

“I’m crying while watching! 😭 And its my 30th week of pregnancy! Nakaka overwhelm yung story how you surpassed everything with God’s grace! ❤️ Thank you for sharing this to the vlog Joyce!! More of Mommy’s story where we can relate 😍 God bless your fam! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’–☺️”

“The epidural indeed is super helpful. I was also stuck at 5-6 cm for very long hours. Thanks to the epidural because I was able to rest and being able to regain my energy from long hours of restless pain. This made me prepare for the push. Thank God. ♥️ 19-hour labor. Currently, my little one is already 3 years old, and I’m pregnant with baby#2. Thanks for this Mommy Pring.”

“6 months post partum, grabe! naalala ko yung induce labor ko for 4 days.. that day I was 37 weeks and 3 days.. sobrang sakit! the doctors really pushes me to do normal delivery because my baby is only 2.7kg. They encourage me, I can do it! to push my baby out.. But my baby stock at 8cm.. sobrang unti nalang.. but we are already 50 hrs open.. I ended up cs delivery at exact 38 weeks. Thankful and God is good we are safe because that moment sobra katabi ko pa sa labor room, covid positive. But we are both negative.. pray pray and recite verses lang talaga ako that time because hubby is not on my side. Salute to all women who give birth!”

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