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Isang Sikat Na Love-team Ginulantang Ang Publiko Matapos Ipakita Ang Bagay Na Ito

Gift-giving appears to be KD Estrada’s love language to people close to him, judging by the manner he continually delivering gifts to his love-team partner Alexa Ilacad.

Since they left the Pinoy Big Brother house on December 27, 2021, KD has given Alexa two beautiful jewelry gifts.

The first was a promise ring that KD treasured, and the second was a necklace he gave her as a birthday gift.

KD said the ring was his first luxury ring at a press conference in February 2022. When he was 15, his mother gave it to him as a present.

During one of his shootings for the Squad Plus vlog on YouTube, the 18-year-old Kapamilya singer stated he handed Alexa the ring. Alexa was also a guest on the vlog, and she sat about waiting for KD to complete shooting his bits.

He recalled, “Alexa was waiting for me sa taping kasi we were filming a vlog for Squad Plus, and then, Alexa was guesting… But after that guesting, she had nothing to do with Squad Plus anymore.

“Like, after that, she said, ‘Okay, I’ll just wait…’ But ayun, after her guesting, she was there for like three minutes, but she waited for me to finish all my vlogs for Squad Plus.”

KD continued, “I just took her hand then I took my ring, then I just put it on her finger. Then I said, ‘Oh, it’s too big, but it looks nice on you.’ Then, when she woke up, ‘Oh, okay!'”

Alexa claimed that she was originally perplexed as to why KD offered her his sentimental ring so soon.

Alexa said, “I didn’t really think much of it naman because he knows naman na mahilig ako sa alahas. So naisip ko lang, ‘Ah, baka sinukat lang or tinignan niya lang.’ I don’t know.

“So I asked him. Sabi ko, ‘Why?’ ‘Tapos sabi niya, ‘Wala lang.’ Ang labo din ng sagot. ‘Tapos sabi niya, sa akin na lang daw. So sabi ko, ‘Ah, sure ka? You can get it naman if you want it back.’

“Akala ko pahiram lang kasi that ring is so special to him, e. He would always tell me na first ring niya yun, bigay ng mom niya. Special naman talaga yung Cartier na ring, grabe.”

KD and Alexa shared a snapshot of their promise ring on Instagram Stories.

According to the brand’s website, the gift was a Cartier Love ring, which is now priced at USD1,950 or roughly PHP103,000.

On February 26, 2022, KD gave Alexa his second gift. It was her 22nd birthday, which happened to fall on the same day as their online fan conference.

During the digital event, Alexa unboxed her birthday present and was delighted to see a crimson box with a necklace inside. Fans observed that the red box was also from Cartier, despite the fact that the two didn’t say it.

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